The best foods to reduce wrinkles – Part 3

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What is the worst enemy of a woman out of cellulite? Wrinkles! We all know that wrinkles are inevitable, but none of us want first of all we get. Would not it be nice if there was something to slow down or even eliminate wrinkles could? E '! It's called super foods.

See if you look 10 years younger, with anti-wrinkle creams that actually work with some simple lifestyle, but important and diet changes have skin that appears a number of young people want.The focus is both much more you results!

But what are these super foods, and what do they do?

Dr. Perricone has 10 super foods that can not only play an important role in the reduction or elimination of wrinkles and keep skin younger, but also in line identifies much healthier. A direct link between certain foods and healthy and beautiful skin has fewer wrinkles.

Since we do not cover all foods can ten in an article, weTake a look at two – buckwheat and green foods. We do a little 'more about the benefits of both.

Buckwheat is a grain of wrong often, but it is a seed of a relative of the rhubarb plant. Buckwheat is also more protein than wheat, rice and millet, and is gluten-free, an added bonus for those allergic to gluten.

The high content of protein in buckwheat are some unique health benefits. Buckwheat is also with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids mono-saturated packedAcids, all in good health. antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols, which are excellent at removing toxins from the body and maintain healthy skin and few wrinkles.

Green Foods including wheat and barley grasses and blue green algae such as spirulina and chlorella. These foods are extremely powerful, because they are rich in nutrients. Wheat and barley are herbs with antioxidants, which packed to remove to do a fantastic jobThe toxins from the body. These two are the same value polynutrient and fresh herbs are enzymes that are not dried herbs. Juice bar and health care, the health market offers fresh grass juice.

Blue-green algae are single celled plants, chlorophyll, the superior, proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Spirulina is so powerful that it inhibits the infectious viruses such as influenza and herpes for example. Chlorella binds heavy metals, toxic substances like mercury and removes itfrom the body. Both reduce allergies, protect the liver from toxins, the symptoms of colitis control and, especially, have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the toxins from the skin to protect it from fine lines and wrinkles.

If we are talking about buckwheat, green foods, or a super food, the key is that it helps all the forces strong antioxidant toxins from the body's largest organ – skin – leading to lessCreases, wrinkles, including the abolition of this. Other nutrients to increase your overall health, which plays an important role in nutrition and keeps the skin firm and younger.

The secrets out – now you know as a woman to handle up to 30 when its 50 flights. Now it is too dynamic, younger skin with fewer wrinkles just by adding super foods to your diet.


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