Dosage spirulina powder – How much is enough?

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If you are wondering about the dosage spirulina powder, we are going to say much more in just a second. The dosage of supplements is not the same for all ages. Depending on wear and what the body needs, the dosage is recommended. Children between the age of two to ten years should consume only a teaspoon of powder a day. You can put it in milk or smoothies or some potato chips and sauces. Do not worry they will never know. For adultsThe dosage may vary according to how it affects your body. A teaspoon is recommended, however, if you tend to skip meals per day, or head for the sink before the pot is empty, you can look at adding a teaspoon more to your diet. For athletes and bodybuilders spirulina powder, the recommended dosage is two teaspoons of powder a half hour before every workout. Well, if you're just looking for weight loss as a goal to spirulina then you should supplement your dietwith glass half an hour before meals. Your appetite almost vanish and your body will not lose its nutrients for the day. This way everyone is happy.

This powder is very useful and if you are looking for a healthy alternative to weight loss, this powder is definitely for you. Do not skip meals: no more than you work in the gym. Just a tablespoon of supplement per day can keep pace and, above all day. If you start losing weight in an unhealthy way, be reflectedon your face. With these additions, you can create a new fascination because of its high nutrient composition. All the advantage of using a protein supplement today, you should too. Just make sure to take the spirulina powder dosage right and you'll get amazing results.


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