Hypothyroidism – Vitamins and minerals – the natural aid as a remedy

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There are some nutrients, vitamins and minerals, namely that they are very important for the function of the thyroid. Some of the additions look like a good idea for almost all patients with hypothyroidism to take over the world. You can go for these vitamins and minerals regularly. The advantage of these elements are not only good for hypothyroidism, but even if you euthyroid, these trace elements will help to restore energy and boost your body and systemsImmunity.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland produces thyroxine to its height, which is not enough, according to the requirement of the body. As the hormone directly into the body's metabolism, in conjunction with the entire body mechanism is disturbed when the gland is defective or change in the quality and quantity of hormone.

Here is the list of vitamins and minerals is one must be familiar with:

O Selenium: Selenium is used in the synthesisof T3 from T4. If the results of blood tests that are the levels of T3 were behind the levels of T4, you should try to supplement that contains selenium. However, this addition should take place after consulting your doctor.

or B vitamins: The vitamin B group is very useful for the synthesis of the body of T4. A standard complement of vitamin B complex will ensure that you are getting enough food for the thyroid.

or Iodine: Iodine deficiency is a majorThe causes of hypothyroidism in poor countries. Iodine supplements may be taken or iodine tablets or iodized salt. Here it should be noted that the supplement of iodine required only when the hypothyroidism from iodine deficiency, iodine because too also alters the normal function of the thyroid gland will.

O Zinc: Studies show that zinc deficiency may invite severe hypothyroidism. Unlike iodine deficiency, it is rare that people who live in a healthy environment in developed countriesCountries.

or calcium / magnesium / potassium: You mentioned together as the ratio in which they become aware of them very important. They work with zinc, as assigned regulate cellular metabolism. Deficiencies can cell the ability to stop absorbing nutrients properly. Hormones can not be exploited fully and well. These supplements are easy to use how to get over-the-counter medications, these types of tablets. They may also contain vegetables and fruit to goItems such as home-made remedy.

or vitamin A: The condition of hypothyroidism can affect apparently the body's ability to beta-carotene into vitamin A, and then convert more valuable supplementation of vitamin A is usually for patients who do not consume an adequate supply of their diet daily and poor diet are not recommended. You must tell your doctor about proper dosage of vitamin A and vitamin A to the higher dose of harmful and unwanted effects.

Vitamins areextremely important to fight for the human body against disease. They develop immunity in the body and accelerates the slow metabolism in the body.

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Treatment or natural hypothyroidism treatment "

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If you have already been diagnosed or suspect that you may have hypothyroidism, you will be pleased to know that there are herbs that the thyroid problem to fix, so you can eliminate problems that may arise.

common problems that can be caused by hypothyroidism are depression, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, memory loss, dry skin, brittle hair and dry, thickened tongue, constipation, and bleeding disorders.

A cause of hypothyroidism is iodineCrisis. This essential trace element is very important for thyroid hormones. About 80% of the iodine found in the body in the thyroid is removed.

Iodine and thyroid hormones control metabolism and many basic body functions such as helping your body temperature and provide energy. also help blood cells, muscle and nerve function, hair, skin, teeth and nails, nutrition and health. It also helps the body eliminateToxins.

The problem hypothyroid can be treated naturally, but is probably best to confirm the natural therapies with your doctor as he or she has your thyroid hormones need to check if there is an emergency medicine thyroid.

Some common herbal treatment for hypothyroidism are listed below.

Kelp, algae and other red algae: These algae contain iodine and thus are good and the production of thyroid hormones, arteries,Nails. For this reason, it can be used to stimulate metabolism.

Avena sativa: E 'as a nerve tonic that cholesterol is high will to anxiety, eczema, hypothyroidism e. anxiety and stress can cause thyroid problems.

Coleus forskohlii: Laboratory studies show that coleus stimulates the metabolism. In a recent study, six women took 25 mg of Coleus forskohlii twice daily for two months and end ofeight weeks of study had lost an average of five pounds and reduced body fat percentage by almost 8 percent. Moreover, it has been shown to increase thyroid hormone production and coleus to release this security.

These are some resources that God has placed us, and have been used effectively to treat hypothyroidism. Many others have also been shown to be effective in treating specific symptomsHypothyroidism.

Many of these natural treatments can safely be used in addition to medication for your thyroid, but should be told the doctor about your complete, so that the doses of drugs can be lowered to match.

prescription medications or treatment of hypothyroidism course – can you choose?

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If you are hypothyroidism (low thyroid), you are not alone, is one of the most common health conditions affected people today. Although the effects can be found at all ages and both men and women is much more common in women. It 'a condition that is often overlooked or mistaken for other conditions. When it comes to treatment of hypothyroidism, you can choose to try prescription medications or treatment of hypothyroidism, of course. This is the first importantDecision have to do is.

To help with your decision, below is a list of advantages and disadvantages.

Prescription Drug Treatment:

can be extremely expensive
many serious side effects may
can be addictive
have synthetic ingredients
influence many medical
have no health benefits other than treating the symptoms
not heal properly, or thyroid
have a long use life
can be a severe blow to give financially, theuninsured

The treatment of hypothyroidism during:

No side effects
are not dependent
are made from natural ingredients
fewer doctor visits
are healthy for you
can cause the thyroid to start working again
may be republished, have your thyroid under control (with the right diet and exercise)
are a good choice for the uninsured

As you can see, there are many differences in how you can treat your thyroid.The treatment of hypothyroidism is obviously very popular nowadays. Thousands of people have had great success with this election. Many people feel more comfortable with prescription medications. In any case, it is your decision, but never your untreated hypothyroidism. Ignore that could be dangerous to health.

The food is worse your symptoms of hypothyroidism

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Are you suffering from symptoms of hypothyroidism? If so, there are certain foods that you should do your best to avoid, because they actually make your condition worse. Here is a list of the top 10 food should be avoided if you have a thyroid symptom.

The first white bread – the food makes it difficult for the body to regulate insulin and also disturb the hormonal balance in the body.

According Caffeine – Caffeine We all love that most of us haveon a daily basis of coffee or soft drinks. However, caffeine expresses thyroid function and will only aggravate the symptoms of thyroid. Although caffeine is a stimulant, not good for stimulating the thyroid.

Third Broccoli – We all assume that we should eat vegetables, but this is what you want to stay away. This is because broccoli is considered goitrogenic food. This means that eating too much broccoli can increase the probability thatThey develop a cushion somewhere on your body.

This is due to decreased production of thyroid hormone. Moreover, the whole family of goitrogenic foods increases the effect of some drugs thyroid remember this.

Fourth Peaches – as goitrogenic food, ensure that food production Add this to the list of those who can possibly make a crop because of your thyroid hormone is reduced.

Fifth Peanuts – yes,are salted, crispy and delicious, but are not the best choice for a snack with a thyroid symptom, how to influence the production of thyroid hormones.

Sixth Fluoride – is in toothpaste and tap water that is coming. Fluoride causes in the main building blocks iodine receptors in the thyroid, which reduces the production of iodinated hormones.

Seventh Chlorine – not only for swimming pools, found in almostall drinking water directly from the tap. Chlorine and iodine are chemically related.

As fluorine, chlorine and iodine blocks the receptors in the thyroid, which reduced the production of iodinated hormones. So, drink plenty of purified or distilled water for essential body functions and corrected, not only from the tap.

8th – Soy soy are taboo because they have an iodine anti-nutrient that contains a chemical that reacts. SinceIodine is important to make thyroid hormones, food should be avoided if you have a thyroid symptom. Soy milk, soy flour and tofu are also food, not eating add to the list.

Ninth Garlic – can be kept away from people and spaghetti sauce. However, garlic also reduces the absorption of iodine in the body.

10th White flour – in the same family as white bread, which is a food that can be for some people, help with difficultiesInsulin resistance and hormonal problems. white flour is a refined food and too processed and has little, if any, nutritional value at all.

Each thyroid symptoms can be controlled by eating lightly, but regularly throughout the day. Eating every four hours to think and then shifting the metabolism of your body is functioning properly. Taking a herbal thyroid can really help.

Acupuncture and hypothyroidism

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Acupuncture is a Chinese medical practice. In this practice, some parts of the anatomy associated with peripheral nerves, pierced by fine needles. The aim is to eliminate pain. There are many patients, the discharge of hypothyroidism were found, with the use of acupuncture treatment, in addition to other alternative therapies.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. The thyroid is a gland in front of theJust below the larynx and trachea. And 'head of production, storage and release of thyroid hormones.

Acupuncture has been used conventionally in China to treat the disease more effectively. And 'certain that acupuncture is an effective therapy for this disease. There are several studies that acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine is useful in the treatment of hypothyroidism.

The kidney is the organ that needs treatment. Treatment consists of long-termAcupuncture and herbal medicine. They believe that the functional disorder is administered the result of a weakened immune system or 'western medicine'.

There are various symptoms by patients of both hypo and hyper thyroidism issued. It is noted that TSH in the blood, in case of secondary hypothyroidism and elevated TSH in primary hypothyroidism. The onset of hypothyroidism is detectable only by biochemicalthe level of thyroxine in the blood. The typical Western treatment involves lifelong hormone replacement therapy with synthetic hormones or protomorphogens animals. In the case of oriental medicine is the treatment of long-term use of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

herbal medicine and acupuncture should play an important role in successful treatment of hypothyroidism.